Q: How exactly the content will be used?

A: It will be published in major storytelling platforms and be available to travelers via free mobile apps and web sites like TripAdvisor, Google Maps, Booking.com, TomTom, izi.TRAVEL etc

Q: What exactly do you mean under the term "Storytelling Content"?

A: First of all, it is a great audio story in several languages. This story will be complemented by pictures, texts, sometimes video, quizes. The story also has its locality on the map of the planet and can be triggered by GPS in certain area, defined by the author. Major storytelling platforms can handle it all

Q: How do you ensure that major storytelling platforms can access and publish the content?

A: This is very simple: major players on the market developed and continue to improve the TourML standard as a universal container for stories. All the content developed in the course of the project, will be developed in TourML format

Q: Why do you force EU to stop supporting innovations through technology and spend resources on content only?

A: Firstly, the real innovation of the XXI century is in system innovations, not in technology. Smart City can bring powerful and long lasting effect. Secondly, museums and EU has spent during last decade at least half a billion on all kind of museum apps, and majority of them are not supported any more. Instead we suggest to use open platforms which exists for free (izi.TRAVEL, VoiceMap etc) and support them via provision of the content. Let's provide them an opportunity to compete in functionality, and use our free content, created with the help of public money! Thirdly, the good content should outlive any technology.

Q: will the Initiative Group benefit from the Programme

A: Not directly. The group will be dismissed as the Programme runs. Cities and numerous partners will get these funds and develop the great storytelling content around the Europe. The Initiaive Group members will benefit as the whole market grows, in organic way

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